As there are so many types of games out there, be it on the PC or your smartphone, there’s plenty of debate to be had about what games are the best on their platform and the best in their genre, and arguments have been known to get pretty heated between impassioned followers of different games. Here, we’ll try to give you the lowdown about the best games that are out there for various platforms.

The best PC games

PC games have been around for decades now and are known for attracting very loyal fan bases. Whether you’re into real time strategy games or first person shooters, we’ll tell you what the best PC games out there are.

The best online games

When the internet was invented it was only a matter of time before online games came into existence, and now they form a huge part of the gaming community and have some of the most-played, most addictive games that are available today. We’ll let you know what the best online games are.

The best smartphone games

For those with Android and iPhone smartphones, games have never been easier to access and play, with thousands of free and pay-to-play smartphone games available to be downloaded today. Let us help you sort the wheat from the chaff and tell you what the best smartphone games are.

The best online casino and poker games

Thanks to the internet, the days of having to go into a casino in person to gamble are long gone, and there’s now a huge industry dedicated to letting you play an assortment of casino games and poker games online. Make sure you know who has the best online casino and poker games on the internet by reading on.